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Whether you're looking to pass time during your breaks from school, or looking for a game that can be played with friends, Unspeakable's travel dominoes set is the best addition to your Christmas wish list. 

  • Available as green or red travel case
  • Includes 1 travel case, 28 dominoes

HOW TO PLAY: Recommended 2-4 players

Shuffle the dominoes face down. Allow each player to draw one tile to see who plays first. The player with the highest double will go first. If no doubles were drawn, the person with the heaviest tile (the tile with the most pips, or dots) will play first. 

Have each player draw 5-7 dominoes for their hand, depending on how many players there are. The higher number of players, the smaller number of dominoes should be drawn. Set the dominoes up in front of you so that you can see them, but the players beside you cannot. 

The person who drew the tile to go first can lay down any tile to start the game. (Tip: if you're starting the game, lay down a tile that you can build off of when it becomes your turn again). 

Take turns building off of that first domino with the tiles in your hand. Going counter-clockwise around the table, each player should place one tile that builds off of the previous tile. The tile must match the open end of the previous tile. For example, if the starter tile had 3 pips on one side, and 1 pip on the other, the player to the right of the starting player can lay down either a tile with 3 pips on one side, and 5 pips on the other. The player to the right again can lay down a tile that has 5 pips on one side, and 2 pips on the other. 

Take turns until one player runs out of every domino in their hand. 

If you are unable to place a tile, you will pick up from the draw pile (the few dominoes that are left). If you can play the tile, place it where it goes. If not, the tile that you drew must go into the hand in front of you.

Tally the score of this round by counting the number of pips in the hand in front of you. After however many rounds you'd like to play, the person with the lowest number of points wins. 

No refunds or returns. 

Warning: Not suitable for children under 5 years of age.